Furnace & Coil Repair

EMSCO’s core business is to keep your induction melting furnace up and you in business.

From the beginning, we’ve cast our reputation on providing world-class induction melting furnace and coil service, repair, and rebuilds. EMSCO provides service and repair for induction melting furnaces of any size or OEM.

Furnace & Coil Repair

We are the melting industry’s first responder for:

Steel Shell Furnace Rebuilds

Vacuum Furnace & Coil Rebuilds

Box Furnace Rebuilds

European Style Rebuilds

Table Mount Furnace Repairs

Channel Furnace Repairs

Coil Resizing

Grouting Services

Field Service & Repair

Helium Testing

High Voltage Insulation

EMSCO’s first responders are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep the tap flowing from your critical production furnaces. Trust your coil repair or rebuild to EMSCO. Call 877.77.EMSCO.